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Even More Lost In Travel

There is a part of me that only exists in travel.

This is likely because I grew up moving. Between states. Between cultures. And on a plethora of road trips crisscrossing the pacific northwest that built an undercurrent of discovery and adventure that fuels who I am to this day.

I let travel, in its many forms, wash over me. From selfies in front of classic monuments to the small moments of observation that can only occur when I am away from what I know. There are grand lessons that only travel can provide as well tiny bits of joy that can only be experienced by being there, wherever there is.

It is from this love of travel, that Amara Not In Seattle developed out of Amara In Seattle ~ Not in opposition to who I am at home, but as the part of who I am that is also at home on the go.

Because travel is a big part of the inspiration that sparks my adventures, last week I announced that my YouTube travel channel, Amara Not In Seattle, will be releasing a new video every #TravelTuesday! I was so on fire that I shared this excitement by getting to the heart of adventure at a park for grown-ups in Las Vegas ~ complete with a fire spitting mantis (really!).

As for this website, I aim to start sharing travel moments that inspire, amuse, or just take me away ~ like the discoveries below.

YouTube Creator, The Clueless Canadian eats a shrimp burger at McDonald’s in Japan, making me really wish I’d tried that Tamago Double Mac (roughly translated to egg on a double Mac) the last time I was in Tokyo.

Holly of The Holiad sent me thinking back through my past adventures with a piece on funny questions she’s been asked while traveling.

Jen of Gypsybus28 remembers her trip to Santorini and reminds me why this island is among my top travel goals.

While researching my trip to London for Summer In the City, I stumbled upon Emma’s Bookish Corner with this wonderful piece about The British Library Crime Classics. Now all I have to decide which of these tales I want to read first!

Lastly, because we travelers are all very busy, I shared episode two of my breif travel series, Just a Minute, where all it takes to get lost in travel is 60 seconds.

Maybe it was a moment, a book, or an experience… Where have you found the spirit of adventure? Please let me know in the comments below.

Getting Lost In Travel,
Amara Not In Seattle