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Foodie Instagram Project: @AmaraNomsSeattle

Where @AmaraInSeattle meets @AmaraNomsSeattle

Among the many titles I am proud to have is low-key local foodie. Truth is I learned about my city through digital spaces, like Yelp, Pinterest, and Instagram. Through this process of placemaking, I also became a part of Seattle’s dynamic and creative food community. And while my focus on food has taken a back burner over the years, it’s always been there. 

Like all of us, food is a part of my life and, to be honest, I’ve never really stopped snapping shots of my meals before digging in. 

I often find myself at foodie events and pop-ups* and am delighted whenever a new food truck rolls through. 

What I consume is a notable part of my frequent travels and, after a year at home, so cooking** . Recently, I have also started thinking more about the role food plays in health, in joy, and in community building.

So I’ve launched @AmaraNomsSeattle – A new Instagram for the foodie part of my life that’s aways been there but hasn’t had a real home under the AmaraInSeattle creative umbrella. That, Nomming Rockstars, is changing. This is 2021 & I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry for more.

Best Adventures & Great Noms, Amara In Seattle

Pssst Foodies: Know of a place I should check out? Have a great foodie idea? Wanna collab? Let me know on IG with the Hashtag: #RockstarNoms

*And if you’re wondering, alas I did not make it to the recent Milkbar pop-up at Dicks in Edmonds, WA ~ I was out of town ~ but my friend MontyBSeattle went and it looked super cool. If you also missed it, they do have some standing products at Whole Foods & a recipe filled Instagram… but that’s probably another post entirely.

**Leave a comment if you also have pages and pages of recipes waiting for someday to try, I know I do!